The 4D PRO

The 4D PRO® Bungee Fitness Trainer is the work of the physician and exercise physiologist, Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi, who left the field of surgery in order to work closer with the athlete beyond the hospital‘s walls. He spent six years in the USA, where served as part of the Athletic Training Team. He took care of all sports teams of the University of California at Davis, and later also worked with professionals from the NFL and NBA. Back in Germany, he founded the German Academy of Applied Sports Medicine (DAASM), which until today offers training courses for doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists, teaching skills and principles of athletic care, coaching and applied sports medicine. Since 2003 he became one of the world ’s most
recognized physicians and conditioning coaches, booked by many professional athletes of different sports. As a result, he has led numerous medalists many countries to three Olympic Games since London 2012. In 2014, he was on board of Jürgen Klinsmann’s consultants in preparation of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
Yet, the most outstanding feature of the 4D PRO® is that it delivers the concentrated experience of a physician, who – probably like no other - has been insisting on personally training the injured through all phases of rehabilitation until their full previous perform-ability had been exceeded.
Training always means that the body has to be prepared for performance. Observing the basics of natural movement, we all will agree that movement always l is about acceleration and deceleration, l lacks isometric stability, l occurs in 3-dimensional space, l demands each of the brain hemispheres independently.
In sports, the ability to remain fast despite of fatigue is a highly desired asset. Based on these observations, Dr. Gharavi saw no other way, than to overthrow established rules and to re-define new recommendations for training: Avoid isometric stabilization training! Muscles are contractile and by nature, they are not designed to work as a ligament. This implies that the
term <Core Stability> is being replaced by <Core Control>, as this covers static as well as movement tasks. Do not limit your movement to a limited radius of a rigid string. Consider that pulleys do not allow independent exercise of the body halves - as a downward movement of the one side would result into an equal upward movement of the opposite side, leaving the dominant half in charge and under-challenging the non-dominant brain hemisphere.
The 4D PRO® l feeds the muscle with its natural contractile function.l allows free movement in 3D-space . l is demanding for quality movements from each brain half, independently, and l will facilitate fast movements even through many repetitions .

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