4D PRO Harness

4D PRO Harness

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Comfortable fit, pleasant power distribution!

This is the newly developed 4D PRO® bungee belt. This system has been designed specifically for the loading characteristics of 4D PRO bungee training and bungee dance. This is not an ordinary harness!
It has a special upholstery shape and length. The adjustment options are also chosen so that a firm and comfortable fit is maintained when jumping and hopping.


· Can be combined with all versions of the 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer
· Ideal for 4D PRO® Bungee Dance
· Excellent for use in group fitness training
· Ideal for therapeutic applications

· Suitable for men and women. 

· Material: neoprene and polyester fabric. 

a. Waist belt circumference: 36cm-152cm
b. Circumference leg loops: 46cm-62cm
c. Rigid leg bands front: 5cm-43cm
d. Rigid leg bands back: 5cm-36cm

Perfect adjustment options with 8 adjustment buckles.
a. 2x hip belt
b. 2x leg loops
c. 2x rigid loops in front
d. 2x rigid loops behind