Our 2 day intensive Group Fitness Instructor course will prepare you to use the 4D PRO® Reaction trainer at your fitness studio! We put you in the driver seat and let you experience the limitless possibilities first hand while we soar through the air! There are plenty of applications for your personal training sessions, group fitness classes and physical therapy sessions in an efficient and, most importantly, fun way.

Who needs needs this course?

Group Fitness Instructors who are ready to elevate their game and challenge clients in versatile ways like never before! This certification will assist you in attract new clients in conjunction with retaining existing clients significantly longer for less than the cost of a single treadmill!

You will graduate from the course with a complete template for your classes you can use to teach right away. Additionally, you will have a better knowledge of the body and how to increase the quality of life for each of your clients. You will also be familiar with the exercise variations that will make it possible for you to effectively design the training programs for every performance level. 



  • Brief introduction to 4D PRO® 
  • How 4D PRO® training effects the body
  • Mind/ Muscle connections


  • Setting expectations of safety
  • Performing movement correctly to promote increased range of motion
  • Creating workout flows for efficient classes
  • Group Fitness Template
  • Practical exercises for a Group Fitness Training with the 4D PRO® Reaction trainer
  • Various exercises for different fitness levels
  • Course planning documents
  • Responsibilities of 4D PRO® Group Fitness trainers includes:
    • Teaching skills such as effective cuing/facilitation in Group Fitness and special 4D PRO® cues
    • Effective and meaningful corrections in Group Fitness during 4D PRO® Training
    • Group motivation
    • Completion of one sample course