4D PRO® Instructor Certification - Panama City 4D PRO Academy

4D PRO® Instructor Certification - Panama City 4D PRO Academy

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Our intensive Group Instructor course will get you ready to use the 4D PRO® Reaction Trainer at your fitness studio, in your personal training classes and group fitness sessions efficiently and, most importantly, in a fun way!


This course can be completed at our 4D PRO Academy in Panama City, FL or at your facility. If this course is completed at any facility other than our 4D PRO Academy, travel arrangement costs will be added to the cost of the course on a separate invoice. 


Group fitness trainers, personal and fitness trainers with experiences or ambitions in teaching small group exercises, athletic and club coaches.


This course will teach you everything you need to know to facilitate innovative and unique 4D PRO® Group Training sessions. You will graduate from the course with complete class profiles you can use to teach right away. You will also be familiar with the exercise variations that will make it possible for you to effectively design the training programs for every performance level.



  • Brief introduction to 4D PRO® total body exercise
  • Key training effects of the 4D PRO®
  • Target groups and counter indications
  • Effective structure of a 4D PRO® course in stages X-Press = 30 minutes and TotalBody = 45-60 minutes
  • Modular concept of the 4D PRO® group course


  • Correct basic positions
  • Organization of the course
  • Practical exercises for a Group Fitness Training with the 4D PRO® sling trainer
  • Various exercises for different levels of training
  • Responsibilities of the trainer at 4D PRO® Group Fitness including:
  • Teaching skills such as effective cuing/facilitation in Group Fitness and special 4D PRO® cues
  • Effective and meaningful corrections in Group Fitness during 4D PRO® Training
  • Group motivation
  • Completion of two sample 4D PRO classes
  • Written compilation of the sample class
  • Class planning documents


  • Business Model Consultation
  • Q&A's


Experience in group work


Certified 4D GF Instructor